Dr. Ir. Ismail MT
Director General of Resources Management and Equipment of Posts and Informatics Ministry of Communications and Informatics of Republic of Indonesia
Eng. Abdulaziz Bin Hussain
Senior International Coordination Specialist Communications and Information Technology Commission of Saudi
Huang Yuhong
Deputy General Manager, China Mobile Research Institute
Akhmad Madces
VP of RAN Engineering and Project
Richard CY Tan
CEO, TPG Telecom Pte Ltd
Li Nan
4G Evolution&5G eMBB, Spectrum WG Chair, GTITPG Telecom Pte Ltd
  • Opening Speech
    14:00-14:05(Dubai, GMT+4)
    • Li Nan
  • 2.3GHz Spectrum Plan & Release Experience Sharing
    14:05-14:15(Dubai, GMT+4)
    • Dr. Ir. Ismail MT
      MCIT of Indonesia
  • TDD Golden Spectrum Issue and Development Strategy
    14:15-14:25(Dubai, GMT+4)
    • Eng. Abdulaziz Bin Hussain
      CITC of Saudi
  • 2.3G/2.6G Network Establishment Experience Sharing and Future Strategy
    14:25-14:35(Dubai, GMT+4)
    • Huang Yuhong
      China Mobile
  • Telkomsel Unlock the Future of 2300MHz Strategy
    14:35-14:45(Dubai, GMT+4)
    • Akhmad Madces
      VP of RAN Engineering and Project, Telkomsel
  • Understanding of 2.3GHz Establishment
    14:45-14:55(Dubai, GMT+4)
    • Richard CY Tan
  • Ceremony: GTI 2.3GHz Global Industry Statement
    14:55-15:25(Dubai, GMT+4)
    • Li Nan
  • Wrap-up
    15:25-15:30(Dubai, GMT+4)
    • Li Nan