• Welcome Speech: 5G FWA Leads Business Success
    16:00-16:05(Dubai, GMT+4)
    • Duan Ke
      President of Wireless & Cloud Core Network Marketing and Solution Sales, Huawei
  • 5G FWA accelerates the business success of 5G
    16:05-16:15(Dubai, GMT+4)
    • Tiago Rocha
      CMO of ZAIN, KSA
  • 5G FWA Successful Practice Sharing
    16:15-16:25(Dubai, GMT+4)
    • Marwan Binshakar
      SVP, Head of Technology Planning of DU, UAE
  • 5G FWA Successful Practice Sharing
    16:25-16:35(Dubai, GMT+4)
    • Ville Partanen
      Vice President of Service Development of DNA , Finland
  • Case Sharing - Excellent HBB Network to Surpass 1M Milestone
    16:35-16:45(Dubai, GMT+4)
    • Pradeep De Almeida
      GCTO of Dialog, Sri Lanka
  • 5G FWA has become the mainstream service on 5G networks
    16:45-16:55(Dubai, GMT+4)
    • Pablo Lacopino
      Head of Research and Commercial Content at GSMA
  • Huawei Innovative Solutions Helps 5G FWA Business Success
    16:55-17:05(Dubai, GMT+4)
    • Xu Daozhou
      Vice President of 5G&LTE TDD Product Line,Huawei
  • 5G FWA Industry Promotion
    17:05-17:15(Dubai, GMT+4)
    • Joe Barrett
      President of GSA
  • 5G CPE for 5G Business Success
    17:15-17:25(Dubai, GMT+4)
    • Mohamed Ismail
      CBDO of Green Packet
  • Tozed CPE Helps FWA Industry Prosperity
    17:25-17:35(Dubai, GMT+4)
    • Chen Yu
      VP of Tozed
  • Open Discussion, Wrap up
    17:35-18:00(Dubai, GMT+4)
    • Panel