Cloud & AI
In the era of everything intelligent and connected, the technologies such as 5G, cloud, and AI will converge in all industries to unleash values. The Cloud & AI channel will present updates in Huawei Cloud, Computing, Data Storage, Intelligent Vision, and Intelligent Collaboration at HC2020. Huawei will work with customers and partners to build all-scenario intelligence and create new values together.
Hou Jinlong
President, Huawei Cloud & AI BG
Xiao Lizhi
Dean, Artificial Intelligence, China Petroleum University (Beijing)
Jia Yongli
Director, Huawei Cloud EI Service Product Dept
Guo Yongfeng
General Manager, FAW Digital Dept
Lv Yangming
Director, Huawei Cloud Hybrid Cloud Service Product Dept
Lv Zhongtao
Chief Technology Officer, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China
Zheng Yelai
President, Huawei Cloud BU
Deng Taihua
President, Huawei Computing Product Line
Tian Qi
Chief Scientist in the AI Field of HUAWEI CLOUD, IEEE Fellow
Zhu Qiuguo
Founder and CEO of Hangzhou Cloud Deep Technology Co., Ltd.
Du Xufei
Director, Mesoscopic Brain Map Research Platform, Centre of Excellence in Brain, CAS
Xiong Yan
R&D President, Huawei Computing Product Line
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    Diversified Computing
    HUAWEI CLOUD provides cloud services that are stable, reliable, and secure, so you can acccelerate cloud transformation, maintain sustainable growth, and make the most of potential business opportunities.
  • OceanStor
    Huawei continues to raise the bar in storage solutions through innovation projects and labs with customers, partners, research institutions, and leading universities. Drive innovation in your business with Huawei storage solutions.